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“ We’re living in a world where the ability to imagine and generate new ideas with speed and to implement them through global collaboration is the most important competitive advantage. „

via Thomas Freidman.

This quote is probably the main reason I got into product management in the first place. If you are a person who’s capable of helping people make things (either dreaming things up or making existing things faster, better, etc…) then your skills will always be in demand.

ps: I’m also hoping this is a good example of making fundamental vs. instrumental career choices (jump to slide 47 for more)


“ Every great business is founded on a thesis, a statement of what should be true. It’s then the business’s job to go prove that thesis - in essence, the business becomes the argument that proves the thesis. „

via John Battelle.

I think this could also apply to careers or individual roles. What argument(s) would you put on your resume?


“ What separates us from other camera companies is that the vision guy is the decisionmaker,” he says. “That was one of my biggest advantages at Oakley, and it’s the same at Red—I’m in the trenches, in the product development, and I make the final call. „

via a Wired Interview with Jim Jannard

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